Bolts No. 148 in average player salary

According to a salary survey performed by ESPN The Magazine and Sportingintellegience Global, the San Diego Chargers ranked No. 148 among all pro teams in the world in average salary paid out per player.

Per the report, the Chargers paid an average salary of $1,987,919 in 2013. The team had a total wage bill of $105,359,681. According to ESPN Stats & Information, Philip Rivers was San Diego’s highest-paid player in 2013, making $12 million in total compensation.

Manchester City of the English Premier League topped the survey, paying its players an average salary of $8,109,912, followed by the New York Yankees ($8,031,948), the Los Angeles Dodgers ($7,778,336) Real Madrid ($7,586,438) and Barcelona ($7,446,562).

According to the survey, the NBA is the highest-paying league in the world, as roughly $2 billion was paid to 441 players, for an average salary of $4,522,283 per player. The 2013-14 Brooklyn Nets, with Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov’s desire to build a contending team right now, have the highest average payroll at $6.8 million per player, up from $5.5 million last season.

The Minnesota Vikings spent the most per player in the NFL ($2,315,053), followed by the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks ($2,303,317).

Check out the methodology for the survey here.