Teammates happy to help Colin Kaepernick

ST. LOUIS -- His teammates picked up Colin Kaepernick on Thursday night and they loved it.

After scoring a touchdown, running back Frank Gore paid homage to his quarterback by flexing and kissing his bicep. Yes, Gore Kaepernicked. After the 49ers’ much-needed 35-11 win against the Rams, Gore said he knows how hard Kaepernick works and was happy to pay tribute to his talented teammate.

Kaepernick endured a lot of criticism after the 49ers scored a combined 10 points in Week 2 and Week 3 losses to Seattle and Indianapolis. While Kaepernick didn’t play well in those games, the 49ers’ offensive problems were hardly all his fault.

Thursday night, the entire offense clicked. It started with a strong running game, which allowed Kaepernick to pass effectively when needed, Kaepernick looked much better Thursday than he did the previous two games.

“I’m just glad we helped him this game,” fullback Bruce Miller said. “We all did our job and helped him like we’re supposed to do.”

Miller credited Kaepernick for staying steady and not wilting after the two tough weeks.

“That’s important,” Miller said. “There’s a lot of season to go. We need to stay steady, and he has been.”