Chat wrap: Analyzing the Skelton signing

Here are some highlights from our San Francisco 49ers' chat, which was held earlier Thursday:

Chvu from San Diego: Please help me understand the signing of J. Skelton as how that strengthens the team. The man has repeatedly proven he's not an NFL player, not less QB. Even Jacksonville, Raiders, Jets didn't want him as back up. Thanks.

Bill Williamson: I just think they think they can develop him into a decent No. 2. I think it may say a lot about the team’s thoughts on Colt McCoy.

Jeff from Omaha: Do you see the 49ers trying to play more games like they did against the Rams? Heavy on the run, less on Kaepernick and the passing game?

BW: Pound it that way until it doesn't work.

TE from LA: Why would the Niners release by Daniels? They had to know that Seattle would pick him up.

BW: They think he's a long ways away. Just a thought here: Just because Seattle took him it doesn't mean he's going to be good.