Kaepernick drops in Jaws' QB rankings

Ron Jaworski’s fondness for Colin Kaepernick is well documented.

This summer the ESPN analyst said Kaepernick has the chance to become one of the best quarterbacks of all time. However, after a quarter of the 2013 season, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback has fallen in Jaws’ quarterback rankings. In an Insider piece, Kaepernick fell from No. 11 to No. 16.Insider

Jaworski pins most of Kaepernick’s tumble on the lack of receiver help. I don’t disagree. In the end, this may not be a banner season for Kaepernick. But his career is on the right track.

Meanwhile, Kaepernick finished second among an elite group of young quarterbacks. Our 32 NFL Nation reporters were asked which young quarterback they’d start a franchise with. Kaepernick finished second behind Indianapolis’ Andrew Luck. Full disclosure: I chose Luck. There’s just something about big, strong pocket quarterbacks. He’ll never go out of style.