The reason behind York's tweet about fans

SAN FRANCISCO -- It’s not often that a team owner publicly calls out a pocket of his own fan base.

But, in my opinion, San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York was within his right Sunday when he went to Twitter to express his disappointment that some fans did the wave late in a 32-20 win over Arizona when Cardinals star defensive lineman Calais Campbell was being taken off the field on a stretcher.

York tweeted that it would be an “understatement” to say he was disappointed to witness the act. York probably wasn't trying to rip his own fans. He, instead, was trying to protect the fan base as a whole.

The stadium was emptying when the wave broke out and not every fan participated. Not even close. But too many did.

I saw it. Several 49ers offensive players -- who were staying on the field during the long delay as a sign of respect to Campbell -- try to signal to fans to knock it off. It made 49ers fans look bad -- callous, unaware and silly.

Of course, not all 49ers fans are like that. And, honestly, the pockets of fans that did the wave probably weren't doing it to be obnoxious. I simply think they got bored during the delay and didn’t realize how serious the situation unfolding below them could have been.

While it probably wasn't a deliberate, heartless act -- it shouldn’t happen again. Making it a public issue should ensure it doesn’t happen again. So, in a big way, while calling out some fans, York was doing the entire fan base a favor.