Chat wrap: Value of rookie class

Here are some highlights from our San Francisco 49ers’ chat, which was he’d earlier Thursday:

Tristan Arostegui from San Francisco: Would getting a healthy Crabtree back turn the offense back into last year's form or would there still be a missing piece?

Bill Williamson: Eventually, but it may take some time. Even if he is back by Mid-November, it may take a few weeks for him to knock off the rust. But if the 49ers go into the playoffs with Crabtree 100 percent, that will be a huge advantage.

D from Chicago: In your opinion, who are the 5 DL that the Niners suit up this week and how are the snaps distributed? Do they roll with Tony Jerod-Edie at NT and suit up either Tank or Dial for depth, or do they bring up Purcell from the practice squad?

BW: If I had to guess Dorsey doesn't play, Jerod-Eddie starts and Purcell is moved up. Dobbs plays some too. But Jerod-Eddie may have to carry the load. It will be interesting to see. He has had success.

Scott from Rochester, NY: I get that the draft is anyone's guess...but how can you whiff so badly on an entire 2012 draft? If Tank and/or Lattimore don't pan out then it makes you really think we have some concerns in the scouting area.

BW: First of all, yes, the 2012 draft class was bad. But I don't think the Tank and Lattimore picks ruin this class if they don't come around. Both were very, very good value picks. Carradine may have been a top-10 pick if healthy and he will be healthy very soon. This guy can be a game changer. Lattimore, too. Don't forget Reid and Lemonier look goods. This class has big-time potential.