Total QBR highlights Kaepernick's impact

LONDON -- This is one of the reasons Total QBR was created.

Colin Kaepernick has been dominating from the quarterback position. However, his statistics are not overwhelming. But the Total QBR rates a quarterback’s overall impact on the game. Kaepernick’s impact in the past two games for the San Francisco 49ers has been undeniable.

In Week 7, Kaepernick had a Total QBR of 99.0 (out of 100) in a San Francisco win at Tennessee. It was the highest Total QBR of the season. His follow-up?

Kaepernick had a Total QBR of 99.8 Sunday as the 49ers smoked Jacksonville, 42-10, in London. Kaepernick led the 49ers to touchdowns on their first four drives. He had 164 yards and a touchdown passing and 54 yards and two touchdowns rushing.

Kaepernick’s Total QBR Sunday was the highest in the NFL in three years. He is the first quarterback to have back-to-back games with a Total QBR of 99.0 or higher.

So, yes, Kaepernick’s numbers aren’t of "the Star Wars" variety, but he is playing the position more efficiently than any player in the league and is the primary reason the 49ers have scored more than 30 points a game during their five-game win streak.