Chat Wrap: Help will beneift Boldin

Here are some highlights from our San Francisco 49ers chat, which was held earlier Thursday:

Ray: SF offense has looked pretty solid during the 5 game win streak with Greg Roman getting much of the credit for going back to the "basics". Now that it's midseason, how much has Eric Mangini's involvement as an offensive consultant contributed to this increased offensive production?

Bill Williamson: They love him. They think he's been great as he basically serves as the devil advocate D coordinator in the room.

Chris from Sac: Is Gore a hall of famer?

BW: Kaepernick sure thinks so. He already says it and I think he may have a point. Remember, I’m new to the 49ers' beat. The sheer importance of Frank Gore to this offense is what has struck my most in the first half of the season.

Derek from Illinois: Bill, How dynamic can this offense be once they get Crabtree and Manningham back. It’s basically a pick your poison once everyone returns. Do you Double Boldin, Crabtree or Vernon? Do you load the box to stop the power running game? Do you play straight man coverage and let Kap beat you with his feat? I'm getting Goosebumps thinking about it.

BW: Roman's strength is moving the ball around and exploiting weaknesses. You're right. It could be dynamic come playoff time. I think Boldin really benefits from Crabtree and Manningham coming back. We'll see the real value of Boldin.