Chat Wrap: Screens for James?

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Here are some highlights from our San Francisco 49ers' chat, held Thursday:

Tommy from Sacramento: Will Aldon Smith start this week against the Saints?

BW: Not sure yet. I think he will play quite bit. I think he's ready.

Akeem Bryant from San Francisco: Hey bill how is it going? How do you feel about our use of Kaep in the ground game. In my opinion he is a totally different QB when he looks to take off and run. He looks so timid and afraid of taking a hit, I’m pretty sure we don’t want him taking a nice hit and getting hurt as our franchise guy but that opens up everything for us. Do you see us letting him get out of the pocket and use his legs more? I hope so.

BW: It seems like when it is a good matchup they run him. I think they need to try to get him going every week. It gets his confidence up and sparks the whole team.

Matthew from New York: Why are the 49ers not more creative with LaMichael James?

BW: They are trying to work him in the mix. Just a feeling but we might see some screen plays to him soon.