Chat wrap: Is 49ers' secondary up for task?

Here are some highlights from our 49ers’ chat, which was held Thursday:

Niles from Seattle: How many rushing yard will the Niners get against Green Bay? I see Gore well over 100 then the other guys (Kaep included) combining for at least another 100.

Bill Williamson: Definitely going to be a focal point for both teams. With the Packers so focused on not letting Colin Kaepernick gut them, perhaps the 49ers can give them a huge dose of Frank Gore. With Gore going, it would setup Kaepernick for some big plays, whether the Packers are zoning in on him or not.

Dan Matteson from Wash DC: Welcome Bill, My main concern going into the home opener is the secondary. I’m worried about getting beat deep. Do you see more nickel with Patrick Willis off the field like last year?

BW: Thank you, if there is a worry area in this game, it is the secondary. Reid is making his debut and there is flux at CB. And there is the presence of Aaron Rodgers. I think the Packers will have their moments. But that's why the 49ers' pass rush is so vital.

Josh Kinney from St. Louis: Do you think Colin Kaepernick will show progress this year and becomes an even better QB or will he regress and look like more of an average QB?

BW: I'm a big Kaepernick believer. I think he will be special. Maybe not every game will be brilliant, but, yes, I expect a huge year.