Chat Wrap: Losing playoff faith?

Here are some highlights from our San Francisco 49ers chat, held earlier Thursday:

Matteson from Washington, DC: How would you grade Aldon Smith since he has been back?

Bill Williamson: Fair. Getting back into shape. He needs to getting going in it the next couple of weeks.

Adam from Sacramento: B-Dub... It seems to me that the blueprint against the 49ers has been to stack the box with 8-9 guys and play press coverage on their below avg WR since they can't get any separation. Is there any way for them to beat that game plan? I would think spreading the field would help, but I don't think they have the talent to do that. Thoughts?

BW: That is the recent blue print, yes. How to beat: Make some completions. Challenge the defense.

Julius from Atlanta: Simple question, do Niners make playoffs and win a game? I feel they may not even make it.

BW: Why because they lost two games to two good teams by a total of four points? I say they make and advance to second round.