Chat wrap: Getting ready for Seahawks

Here are some highlights from our San Francisco 49ers chat, held Thursday:

Mike from Chico, CA: I have heard several people say the first need we need to shore up in the draft is backup QB. Wouldn't it be a waste of a top-three round pick on a QB that will sit there for 5-6 years? I would assume there would be better options floating around FA in the summer.

Bill Williamson: I'm not sure they use a top-three round pick. But with a surplus of picks you never know. No one values a backup QB until you need them. Yes, I'm talking to you, Green Bay.

Chad from Wisconsin: Do you get the feeling that the Sea/SF rivalry is significantly more personal for the Seahawks than the Niners? I get the impression that there is genuine hate coming from the Seahawks team. Heck, Richard Sherman blatantly lies about Harbaugh at times i.e. after the week 2 game when he claimed that Harbaugh snubbed him even though cameras showed that was untrue. thoughts?

BW: If it isn't personal for the 49ers after the way they've been beaten the past two games against Seattle, there is something wrong. But I don't think something is wrong. I think it is personal.

Vic from Santa Clara: Can the Niners beat the Hawks at home this Sunday? And if the road to Super Bowl goes thru Seattle, can they ever beat them there?

BW: The second part of the question is the key. That's all that matters win, lose or draw Sunday. Can the 49ers beat the Seahawks in Seattle come January?