PK Dawson getting used to great weather

SANTA CLARA, Calif -- While San Francisco 49ers place kicker Phil Dawson played the hero on a clear California Sunday, the story of the NFL was being played on snow-covered fields.

Several games in Week 14 were played in snowstorms. Dawson paid close attention.

"I can't believe there were big snow games and I wasn't part of them," Dawson said.

Dawson spent the first 14 seasons of his career kicking for the Cleveland Browns. Playing in inclement conditions was a way of life.

"To be honest, I kind of miss the weather," he said. "I know it's not perfect there, but there's a lot that goes on into being able to be a good kicker in the snow."

Dawson said he was famous for bringing several different types of game shoes as he prepared for the bad weather. He said now in sunny California, he doesn't to worry about that.

Dawson knows he's lucky to play in good conditions on the West Coast. Sunday, Dawson sealed the 49ers' win over Seattle with a 22-yard chip shot with 26 seconds remaining. The conditions were perfect. He knows had he tried the same, short kick in the blizzard conditions in which the Lions and Eagles dealt with in Philadelphia; it would have been an adventure.

"I am very fortunate and happy to be here," said Dawson, who has made a team-record 20 straight field-goal attempts.