What 49ers are saying about Pro Bowl

The San Francisco 49ers are sending eight players to the Pro Bowl, tied for the league high.

The following are reactions from some of the players who made it, courtesy of the team's public relations department:

NaVorro Bowman on making it with fellow linebackers Patrick Willis and Ahmad Brooks:

"I think that makes defenses great and with those two other guys making it, I congratulate them on doing their job and earning the Pro Bowl vote. It says we all love playing with each other and we definitely take our own responsibility seriously out there on the field."

Would Bowman find it weird to have to tackle RB Frank Gore or cover TE Vernon Davis with the new Pro Bowl format?

"Yeah, that would probably be a weird thing and I might not tackle him. Just let him score and get his yards or whatever. Yeah, that'd be weird because that hasn't happened since training camp."

Vernon Davis on what it means to be selected by your peers and fans:

"It's an honor. It's a good deal anytime you have multiple guys on the team to contribute to that, Frank Gore, Patrick Willis, NaVorro Bowman. It's a great thing, but it doesn't stop right here. We have to keep on going. We know what we have in front of us. So with that being said, we just have to keep this in the back of our mind because it's only a part of what we're trying to do."

Frank Gore on what would it be like going against Willis or Bowman:

"They better not hit me. We are teammates."

Gore on how it feels to get the respect from peers:

"I appreciate it a whole lot. You do this game to get respect. You play this game to get respect. And I know I try my best every Sunday to get the respect I deserve. I'm happy that they see it. Like I said, it's a blessing, my fifth time getting voted to the Pro Bowl. Especially all the negative talk everybody's been talking about all season about my age. So, like I said, I'm going to keep taking it one year at a time. And God willing every time I get the opportunity to touch the field, I try my best to go 100 percent."

Joe Staley on how he feels about Mike Iupati being selected as well:

"I'm excited. It's awesome to play next to him. He's a good dude. I'm more bummed about the other dudes on the O-line that aren't getting the recognition that I feel like they deserve. Anthony Davis had his best year by far. He completely deserves it. He's played real good."

Staley on would it be like to go up against some of his own teammates in the Pro Bowl:

"I hope I don't have to go against Justin [Smith]. Actually, I hope I do, so that we can have a little handshake deal. I won't make him look bad. He won't make me look bad."

Willis on being first player in franchise history to be named to the Pro Bowl in each of his first seven seasons:

"It's truly a blessing. I couldn't do it without my teammates and my coaches. I have the best teammates in the world and I love playing with those guys. Again, I thank God for it and I thank my teammates, the fans who voted for me, the other players who voted for me and the coaches. I just thank everybody who had a part in it."

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