Goodwin a 'master with his hands'

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- There is a chance Jonathan Goodwin is preparing for his final NFL game.

The 49ers' center is 35 and in the final year of his contract. He has said retiring has crossed his mind but if the 49ers want him back he could return.

That will all play out after the season. But as he heads into the wild-card round against the Packers, Goodwin received a big compliment form his coaches.

Asked what stands out about the venerable center, 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman called him a "master with his hands."

"I think he's great with his hands, number one," Roman said. "I think he's a master with his hands. Maybe one of the best in recent history using his hands and understanding how to use his hands, hand placement, leverage. He's just incredibly smart at getting everything organized quickly and recognizing it during the week. It's very easy to teach him something, 'Oh yeah, I got that, OK.' And I'm talking about something totally new. Give him something totally new, but it's not new to him. As long as you give him the concept he's like, 'OK, OK, I got it, you want me to do this.' So, that's awesome when you can do that because he's directing traffic at a very high level, I might add."

Goodwin, who has used boxing as a training tactic in past offseasons, attributes his hand work to playing under Doug Marrone, now the head coach in Buffalo, when he was Goodwin's position coach with the Jets early in his career. He said Marrone stressed the importance of hand work and he has carried it with him his entire career.