Seahawks take different pass-rush approach

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Most teams try to attack Colin Kaepernick by blitzing him.

According to ESPN Stats & Information, Kaepernick is the most blitzed quarterback in the NFL since 2012. He has faced five or more pass-rushers on 39 percent of his drop backs. However, the Seattle Seahawks -- who host Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game Sunday -- have taken a different approach.

The Seahawks have relied on a four-man pass rush against Kaepernick and it has worked. Against the Seahawks, Kaepernick has completed 49.3 percent of his passes against a standard pass rush. It jumps to 64.4 percent against the rest of the league. Against the Seahawks' four-man rush, Kaepernick has thrown two touchdowns five interceptions and his Total QBR is 16.1. Against the rest of the league? Sixteen touchdowns, seven interceptions and a Total QBR of 80.2

Who knows if the Seahawks' standard pass-rush approach will work against Kaepernick Sunday. But be sure they will continue to try it.