Chat Wrap: Talking title game

Here are some highlights from our San Francisco 49ers' chat, held Thursday:

Derek from Illinois: A big problem I notice when the 49ers play in Seattle is the lack of separation created by the receivers off the LOS. Do you think the 49ers will utilize more motion and stacked formations to help combat this?

Bill Williamson: They haven't had this type of weaponry the last few times in Seattle. I expect the 49ers trying to come out throwing early to set a winning tone.

Jacob from NJ: I know the 49ers style is to eat up a lot of the play clock before hiking the ball. Do you think the Niners will try to speed things up a bit and maybe use more hand signals to avoid taking timeouts/ delays of game?

Bill Williamson: Even though it may drive fans crazy, the 49ers like their approach. They figure they can sacrifice a timeout for the greater good. That approach won't change now.

Fuzz from Saratoga, NY: Hey Bill -- do you think a "trick" the 9ers may have up their sleeves, is a full onslaught of bunch formations that creates natural space and separation for our receivers, a la the Week 1 Green Bay game?

Bill Williamson: Maybe some, but I really think they are just going to go out and try to win like they way they have all season. Nothing fancy just try to be better.