49ers' top looming financial decisions

Teams across the NFL will spend the next several weeks making financial plans heading toward 2014. Here are some players the San Francisco 49ers may ask to take a pay cut or would consider releasing in a salary-cap move.

Cornerback Carlos Rogers

Set to make in 2014: $6,600,000

Likely outcome: Rogers declined to take a pay cut last year. The 49ers may decide to move away from him this year. He will be 33 and the team is in a bit of a transition year at the position. Unless Rogers takes a big cut, I can see him playing elsewhere in 2014.

Running back Frank Gore

Set to make in 2014: $6,450,000

Likely outcome: Gore is not going to be cut. He is too valued and revered by the organization. But the reality is he's a 30-year-old running back that is set to take up 11.15 percent of the offense's salary cap. He could be asked to adjust his deal.

Receiver Jon Baldwin

Set to make in 2014: $1,404,765

Likely outcome: Baldwin caught three passes last season. He was not a factor even though the 49ers needed help at receiver. I just don't see them keeping him at that price tag.