49ers natural Week 1 opponent for Seahawks

What we do know is the Seattle Seahawks are the Super Bowl champions and they are set to host the NFL season opener Thursday, September 4.

What we don’t know if who they will host. You have to think San Francisco 49ers are a serious contender to be that team. Here is the list of the Seahawks’ home opponents for the 2014 season: Arizona, San Francisco, St. Louis, Dallas, NY Giants, Denver, Oakland, Green Bay.

The league likes to put a premier team in the season kickoff game with the Super Bowl winner. A Super Bowl rematch with the Broncos might be a tough sell considering how lopsided the Super Bowl was. I’m sure the Broncos don’t want any part of that setting, either.

Teams like Dallas or Green Bay might be considered because of their national popularity. For pure drama, however, the 49ers are the obvious choice. The Seahawks and 49ers put on one of the best postseason shows in recent memory in the NFC championship game in Seattle and their rivalry is the hottest in the NFL.

Opening the season in Seattle is not going to be an enviable position for whoever goes there, but because they have such a bad taste from the way the title game ended, the 49ers might relish the opportunity to go into Seattle as early as possible.

We likely won’t know the exact matchup for a couple of months, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the 49ers’ 2014 season start a few days early.