Mailbag: Talking trade

Weekend mail call:

Alex from Los Gatos, Calif., wants to know if I think the San Francisco 49ers could consider trading 2015 free agent Mike Iupati this offseason.

Bill Williamson: I can see why you ask. Re-signing Iupati may be difficult with high-dollar contracts for Colin Kaepernick, Aldon Smith and Michael Crabtree coming up. I would not be shocked at all if Iupati leaves in free agency in 2015. He is valuable piece, but you simply can’t keep everybody. Sometimes, there are tough decisions that have to be made. But I think the 49ers will probably decide that keeping Iupati for as long as possible is the best move. This is a team with few holes and that has a real chance to win the Super Bowl this upcoming season. Pursuing a Super Bowl with Iupati is better than doing it without him.

Juan from Cerritos, Calif., wants to know if I think the 49ers or Kansas City Chiefs won the Jon Baldwin/A.J. Jenkins trade.

BW: Wow, I don’t know if either team won the swap of the two receivers who were former first-round picks. Baldwin had three catches for the 49ers and Jenkins had eight catches for the Chiefs. Neither made an impact. The 49ers can take some solace -- they can save $1.4 million in salary-cap room by cutting Baldwin and moving on. So, there’s some benefit. The truth is, the real mistake was drafting Jenkins in the first place. The trade was just a way for two teams with disappointing picks to move away from their mistakes.

Mario from San Rafael, Calif., wants to know if I think the 49ers could trade for Vikings’ running back Adrian Peterson.

BW: I just don’t see this being a realistic possibility unless Peterson came very cheaply. Plus, the 49ers feel good about their running back situation.