Chat wrap: Key to overcoming Seattle

Here are some highlights from our San Francisco 49ers' chat, held Thursday:

Jason from San Francisco: Do you think it's more likely that Sea will dominate the NFC (west) over the next four years or SF and Sea will split dominance. (pessimism over SF dominating for next 4 resulting in I already don't believe this will happen)

Bill Williamson: The key for both teams is to win the West. Simple as that

JoeNotMontana from UK: The 49ers seemed to be getting good values when they stashed Marcus Lattimore and Tank Carradine in the draft last season. Do you expect those guys to be big contributors in 2014?

BW: Assuming they don't suffer setbacks, both should be ready. But remember they both will essentially be rookies. So, there will be a learning curve.

Edwin from Bronx: Can L. James become a Darren Sproles type? If not, then wouldn’t trading him be the better option and then drafting a guy like Archer for special teams? What value does James have? Thanks.

BW: If he is going to make an impact on offense, it better be now. He hasn’t done much on offense in his first two seasons. Not sure if he's to blame for not earning the confidence of coaches or if it's the fault of coaches for not giving him a chance.