What should top FAs expect?

The San Francisco 49ers' top three free agents are receiver Anquan Boldin, safety Donte Whitner and kicker Phil Dawson. Let's look at some 2013 deals that may serve as comparison points for each player in free agency.


Comparable deal: Wes Welker's two-year, $12 million deal that includes $6 million in guaranteed money with Denver.

Thoughts: Boldin made $6 million last season. While he had one of his best NFL seasons in 2013, Boldin is 33 and he won't command a huge deal. I'm not sure he can get quite the deal that Welker got, but he may be in the range.


Comparable deal: Glover Quin's five-year, $23.5 million deal with 5.25 in guaranteed money with Detroit.

Thoughts: The defensive backs market could fluctuate. Last year, some free agents scored and others didn't. I wouldn't be shocked if Whitner is among those who command a nice deal. In fact, I could see him getting more than Quin does. If so, the 49ers may be hard pressed to keep him.


Comparable deal: Dawson's one-year $2.350 million with $1 million in guaranteed money with the 49ers.

Thoughts: Dawson is 39 and he had a great season with the 49ers. They want him back and he wants to be back. I could see him back with a modest raise.