Mt. Rushmore: San Francisco 49ers

We are taking an NFL Nation look at a team's four-man Mount Rushmore.

Choosing the four-man shrine for the San Francisco 49ers is a difficult tast. This is a team rich in history, dating well before the AFL-NFL merger. Anyone can pick a combination that would work. However, I'm keeping it simple. I am taking four men who were instrumental to the team's dynasty in the 1980s.

Bill Walsh: The architect of the 1980s 49ers was an offensive innovator and the leader of this franchise There would be no dynasty if it weren't for Walsh.

Joe Montana: Joe Cool is considered one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. He was Brady to Walsh's Belichick. He may be the first bust on this shrine.

Ronnie Lott: The one defender on this Mt. Rushmore, he was one of the leaders of the 49ers during this era. This group would be incomplete without this fierce Hall of Fame safety.

Jerry Rice: The GOAT. Rice is the undisputed best receiver in NFL history. He came to San Francisco several years after the rest of the men in this group, but his place in the team's history is just as strong.

Again, I'm sure a case can be made for others 49ers' greats, but I just can't justify keeping any of these men off my list. Fill up the comment section below with your thoughts.