49ers' chat wrap

Here are some highlights from our San Francisco 49ers' chat, which was held earlier Thursday:

Jeff from Syracuse: Do you think the 49ers should target a WR in free agency like Emmanuel Sanders given their lack of success in targeting WR's in the draft?

Bill Williamson: ESPN Insider Adam Caplan suggested it last week. I don't think it will happen unless Boldin leaves. Keeping their own free agents will be the focal point of that offseason.

Josh from Riverside: Are the replacements for Fangio and Roman currently on the team? Or will the 49ers be looking elsewhere for coordinators when either of these two get their shot at a Head coaching job.

BW: QB coach Geep Chryst and defensive line coach Jim Tomsula are both well thought of.

Todd from Salt Lake City, UT: What do you think is the root cause of the Niners’ struggles in the red zone? Even in the NFC Championship game, there were points left off the board from great field position resulting in only a Field Goal.

BW: It has to be something that needs to get fixed. It has to be a playbook point of emphasis this offseason.