Chat wrap: Two late 1st-rounders best plan?

The following are some highlights from our San Francisco 49ers chat, held Thursday:

Jean Claude from Vermont: If Watkins and Evans are chosen in the first 10 picks, would it make more sense for the 49ers to trade their two 2nd round picks to possibly move up to late 1st early 2nd round?

Bill Williamson: I'm really starting to think that way. Maybe get 29, 30 or 30, 31 or 32. Take a receiver a corner right there. Be pretty nice. Both positions are stacked. I'm starting to lean that is the best approach since their two biggest need areas are loaded.

Ross from Portland: Any updates on the Harbaugh-Baalke situation?

BW: There hasn't been any real updates in months. Nothing has changed. Has been tense at times. Still is. Only thing that made this news again is the Browns' pursuit of Harbaugh. But in reality, nothing has changed.

Trent from Maryland: Hi, Bill, do you think Jon Baldwin will make the 53-man roster? Or does Alec Baldwin have a better chance?

BW: No, but Billy Baldwin is a real comer. I'm not high on Jon Baldwin. If he is on the 53-man roster that means he either made huge strides or the 49ers didn't improve enough at the spot.