On Jonathan Martin's conference call

I wanted to follow up with some thoughts on the Jonathan Martin conference call he held with reporters Thursday night:

Martin, in just his second public comments since the Miami Dolphins bullying scandal, predictably didn’t say much about the Dolphins’ situation. He said he wanted to focus on the future.

Martin said all the right things about the 49ers. He said he knows nothing is guaranteed and he has to earn his keep. That’s the right attitude.

It seems as though Martin understands this is his best chance. He is around Jim Harbaugh and some of his other former coaches at Stanford. He has a support system in place. He gets that.

It’s easy to tell that Martin is a Stanford man. He is articulate and spoke at length about his major at the school, which is Classics.

I don’t expect Martin to talk about his Miami experience. Thursday was about the future and I don’t expect that to change moving forward.