49ers' NFL owners' meetings primer

The NFL owners meetings get under way in earnest Monday in Orlando, Fla. Let’s take a look at some storylines that may involve the 49ers:

Harbaugh situation: At the NFL combine in February -- the last time league officials gathered at the same place -- talk of coach Jim Harbaugh’s friction with the 49ers’ front office was a major story. Harbaugh and the rest of the brass will be in Orlando. That story has cooled and they have all worked well together in free agency. If anything develops this week, I’d surprised if it is as strong as last month’s batch of speculation.

Comp pick: Compensatory picks could be announced as early as Monday afternoon. The 49ers are expected to get either a third- or fourth-round pick.

Week 1 in Seattle: The NFL season opener Sept. 4 at Super Bowl champion Seattle could be announced at the meetings. Such announcements have been made at the meetings in the past. However, Fox Sports reported it is not expected this year. From what I hear, the 49ers and Green Bay Packers are among the favorites to be the visiting team. Who doesn’t want to see an NFC Championship game rematch as soon as possible?

Update: League said Monday there will not be announcement on this game at these meetings. Entire NFL schedule should come out sometime next month.

Trade talks? The 49ers reportedly called Philadelphia about receiver DeSean Jackson, although 49ers general manager Trent Baalke told CSN Bay Area that the team has not called about Jackson. With the brass of both teams in the same hotel there is potential for talks to develop. Yes, Jackson would be a great fit for the 49ers. But the problem was, is and will be how the 49ers would fit his hefty contract under their tight salary cap.

The NaVorro Bowman rule? Among the rule changes to be considered this week is one inspired by a controversial call in the San Francisco 49ers' NFC title game loss at Seattle, in which linebacker Bowman tore his ACL. The owners will vote on whether to expand replays to include the recovery of a loose ball in the field of play. The current rule is that post-fumble scrums are not reviewable. Bowman appeared to have stripped the ball during the play at the goal line in the fourth quarter at Seattle. The play was not reviewed and Bowman was hurt.