Chat wrap: Biggest questions for 2014

Here are some highlights from our San Francisco 49ers chat, which was held earlier Thursday:

Just The West from Los Angeles: With the 49ers at the cusp of winning a title, I view this upcoming NFL draft as truly make or break moment for the franchise (six picks in the first 100). Pending contract obligations will force the front office into some really tough decisions moving forward. Therefore, am I overthinking the importance of this draft? They cannot afford another 2011!

Bill Williamson: Make or break may be a tad dramatic. Make or break is for the Raiders and Browns of the world. This is more of an opportunity for the rich to get richer.

Christian from Tucson: Over/under for Kaepernick’s SB rings when he retires: 2.

BW: It is a bit much to put the over/under on any QB at more than one ring. Take a look at all the HOFers and then take a look at all the Super Bowl winners. It isn't easy.

Jacob R. from NJ: Bill, what is your biggest question for the 49ers for the upcoming season?

BW: On field: Who is starting opposite Brock. Big picture: Harbaugh and Kaepernick deals.