Chap Wrap: Last place possible?

The following are some highlights from our San Francisco 49ers chat, held Thursday:

Edwin from the Bronx: Could L. James be included in a trade package to move up in the draft or to acquire another first-round pick? He doesn't fit this team and he has to have some value.

Bill Williamson: I just don't know what his value is. I think he'd be more of a throw-in than a major trade chip.

Tim Irvin from LA: Could Marqise Lee of USC falls down to the 49ers current draft location and do you think they would be interested?

BW: There are some thoughts around the league Lee could indeed fall. He'd be intriguing at No. 30.

Thomas E. from Harrisonburg, VA.: Considering the talent still on the Seahawks roster, the moves the Cardinals have made, and the possibility the Rams have holding the No. 2 and No. 13 picks in the upcoming draft. Is it plausible that the 49ers can finish 4th in the NFC West and miss the playoffs? (Outside of the scenario of an injury plagued season)

BW: Not without a major injury, no way. Don't get caught up with the 49ers not adding money guys. That was the plan all along.