49ers salary-cap look: Offense

Let's take a look at how the San Francisco 49ers' 2014 salary-cap status currently breaks down, thanks to ESPN Stats & Information.

The 49ers have about $4 million under the cap and will get another $6 million-plus June 1 because of the Carlos Rogers cut. Most of that money will go to signing the rookie class.

At this time of year, only the top 51 contracts count toward the salary-cap. Here's a position-by-position look at the 49ers' salary-cap situation under the top 51 rule. Let's start with the offense. We will look at the defense on Tuesday:


Percentage of salary-cap space used: 3.32

Total cap charge: $4,258,920

NFL average: $11,667,289

Biggest cap hit: Blaine Gabbert: $2,011,587

Biggest bargain: Colin Kaepernick, $1,630,457

Outlook: This could change soon. Kaepernick has been discussing a long-term contract. The 49ers are on the record saying they'd like to give him a deal before the start of training camp. Kaepernick will likely command a contract averaging $18 million to $20 million a season. He currently accounts for 1.27 percent of the 49ers' salary cap. The team will soon lose the luxury of going cheap at the most vital position in the game.

Running backs

Percentage of salary-cap space used: 8.41

Total cap charge: $10,778,885

NFL average: $7,750,422

Biggest cap hit: Frank Gore, $6,450.000

Biggest bargain: Marcus Lattimore, $495,146

Outlook: Gore, who will turn 31 next month, is set to have the seventh highest salary cap number of all NFL running backs in 2014. The 49ers haven't felt the need to ask Gore to take a pay cut because he remains productive. Still, it is doubtful he will be paid top dollar next year if he remains with the team. The 49ers are looking for Lattimore to take on a big role. He missed all of his rookie season last year because of a torn ACL suffered in 2012. He is expected to be healthy this season.


Percentage of salary-cap space used: 8.65

Total cap charge: $11,082,318

NFL average: $13,535,504

Biggest cap hit: Michael Crabtree, $4,770,443

Biggest bargain: Quinton Patton, $592,875

Outlook: The 49ers are likely going to add a rookie with one of their top picks that will affect the cap. Crabtree is entering his final year of his contract. He could be playing with a much higher franchise-tag number next year. Starter Anquan Boldin signed a two-year $12 million deal, but his cap number is in the $2 million range this season.

Tight end

Percentage of salary-cap space used: 8.32

Total cap charge: $10,658,911

NFL average: $6,117,287

Biggest cap hit: Vernon Davis, $7,342,916

Biggest bargain: Vance McDonald, $817,995

Outlook: The 49ers pay the position well above the league average. But that's because Davis is one of the best tight ends in the league. He is a focal point of San Francisco's offense and the team has no problem paying for what they get here.

Offensive line

Percentage of salary-cap space used: 18.30

Total cap charge: $$23,458,004

NFL average: $21,430,114

Biggest cap hit: Anthony Davis, $7,531,666

Biggest bargain: Alex Boone, $2,590,000

Outlook: The 49ers pay more than the league average, but the line is known as one of the best in the NFL. It could get more expensive next year when guard Mike Iupati becomes a free agent.