Salary survey shows 49ers are a bargain

The San Francisco 49ers are getting a lot for their money.

In ESPN The Magazine's annual team salary survey of 294 professional teams the 49ers come in as the 140th most expensive team. Considering they are an NFL team (the most popular American game) and have gone to three NFC Championship Games and a Super Bowl the past three years, the 49ers are a bargain.

They were the 106th highest salaried team last year.

Expect the 49ers to move up in the survey either next year or in 2016. Colin Kaepernick, who is set to make just more than $1 million this season, is in line for a new deal that likely will make him one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL. Nothing can alter an NFL salary ledger than a whopping quarterback contract.

Here's proof: Seven of the top 25 highest paid athletes in the world (and five of the top nine) play quarterback.