Chat wrap: The weight of the Smith decision

Here are some highlights from our San Francisco 49ers' chat, which was held earlier Thursday:

DRE from Cali: Do you think Aldon will ever take the field as a 49er again?

Bill Williamson: Too early to tell. We will find out more when the 2015 option is due May 3. It makes football sense to do it, but publicly it may be a tough sale. It will be hard to reward Smith right now. But the May 3 date will answer a lot of questions.

Tusylla from Seattle: Hey Bill, what’s up! How worried should us Niner faithful be that our D is going in with Bowman out, Aldon most likely facing suspension and a secondary full of new players?? What if P Willis misses some time again? Could be a rough start to the season.

BW: There will be some challenges. But remember this: The 49ers were 5-0 without Smith, Wilhoite, who likely will spell Bowman, played well for Willis last year and Brock became an outstanding CB. The common thread? Vic Fangio. The team makes things work.

Ryan J. from Glastonbury: With the recent acquisition of Brandon Lloyd, do you think the 49ers will draft a "deep threat receiver" in the draft?

BW: The Lloyd signing will not affect the draft all. They will draft a receiver just like they were before the signing.