49ers chat wrap

Here are some highlights from our San Francisco 49ers chat, which was held Wednesday:

Brad G from Portland, OR.: Do you see V Davis' statement about needing to win a super bowl a good or bad thing? I mean the whole team is thinking it, but why put that out in the media?

Bill Williamson: I see it as a no-biggie. What else do we expect him to say? If the 49ers fall short this year, he can just say it again next year.

Tusylla from Niner Country, USA: Does the signing of Pryor by Seattle open the door for maybe releasing BJ Daniels and if so would SF be interested in bringing him back?

BW: He's been released by Seattle before and the 49ers didn't bite. The front office and staff didn't like him as much as fans did.

Jeff from Philadelphia: Where would Smith's money go if they don't sign him long term? Crabtree? Iupati? Or does it just get lumped in with Kap?

BW: I'd think Crabtree's chances of staying would increase, not that the odds of him returning are low. But that would likely help.