Baalke-Harbaugh relationship is 'very good'

SANTA CLARA, CA. -- Among the many offseason themes San Francisco 49ers general manager Trent Baalke addressed Friday was his relationship with coach Jim Harbaugh.

It is clearly not something the private Baalke likes to discuss. But because it has been a major topic this offseason, Baalke felt compelled. There have been several reports that suggest Baalke has an icy relationship with his coach, whose is entering the final two years of his contract. The Cleveland Browns asked about trading for Harbaugh in the offseason. Chatter about Baalke and Harbaugh has been heavy.

Baalke said such reports "misrepresent" his relationship with Harbaugh.

"It's troublesome when people are writing about the dynamic of the building and they've never set foot in the building," Baalke said. "To say what goes on upstairs, for those that are writing about it in-depth, have never been up there. We work hard, we work very hard at this, with one thing in mind: To win a championship. That's what this thing is about. He's very good at what he does, very good at what he does. To say its always two rams butting heads, it's so false and misleading. To say there's no tension, it'd also be false and misleading. But it's good tension, creative tension. It couldn't be better right now. We've been in the draft room working our tail ends off to get this draft right, and we see a lot of things alike."

Some of the reason there is creative tension is because Baalke and Harbaugh have similar responsibilities, many inside the organization say. Baalke disagrees.

"If you want us to hug and mug for cameras and all that, you're looking at the wrong two guys," Baalke said.