Chat wrap: Smith option decision

Here are some highlights from our San Francisco 49ers chat, which was held earlier Thursday:

Patrick: Do you think the offense will be a bit more pass happy this year? I think having Lattimore, James and Hunter in the back field will be pretty scary for defenses.

Bill Williamson: That's always the goal. Have to take advantage more of screens.

Lloyd Nelson from New Jersey: Do you think the Niners pick up Aldon Smith's option?

BW: Too tight to call but this is what I know -- I would do it. It's the smart football decision. The 49ers can make it very clear to Smith that it can be pulled and they fully expect him to get his stuff together. Not exercising the option may send the right message, but if it comes back to bite the team, what good is it?

Ruben Bustoz from Pacific Beach, Calif.: I don't think a cornerback will get us to the Super Bowl with our first pick, we have to beat that Seahawks secondary. Would you rather trade up for Mike Evans or let Kelvin Benjamin fall to us? Both 6'5" and are red zone targets!

BW: But they need a corner. So they have to get one.