Chat wrap: Catching a draft

Here are some highlights from our draft-heavy San Francisco 49ers chat, which was held earlier Wednesday:

Jacob R. from New Jersey: If we can take some lessons from the NFL Nation mock draft, it seems as though the 49ers will need to include their first-round pick in a deal to move up to the mid-first round. Subsequently they could pool some picks together to move up into the early second round. Does this seem like a more viable option than trying to hold onto the 30th pick?

Bill Williamson: It depends on their mindset. If they want both a CB and a WR (which was my goal) you offer No. 56 and No. 61 to teams in 20-26 range and hope they bite. If you want one stud, you package the 30 too.

Kevin from Santa Fe: It seems that a lot of people are expecting the Niners to select a WR. I think our greatest need is at corner, what are your thoughts?

BW: I think cornerback is their top need. But I think the 49ers think there is better value at receiver in the first round. So, if that's the case, I have no problem with that approach.

Arnold from Texas: There's so much talk about 49ers trading up for a WR other than Watkins and Adams. I just don't see them drafting a WR over a top corner like Gilbert, Dennard or Fuller. CB is our top need; thoughts?

BW: What if team likes Beckham and Cooks more than the CBs? Remember, teams rank players against every other player in draft just not other players at position.