Chat wrap: Will Kaepernick run vs. Colts?

Here are some highlights from our 49ers’ chat, held Thursday:

Jerry from Daytona Beach: With this latest blowout loss to the Seahawks should the 49ers be concerned about their reign as division champs?

Bill Williamson: Sure, but it's early and the 49ers knew how good Seattle is. In the end, it's just one loss.

David from PA.: After the way the 49ers lost on Sunday, if it boiled down to it, could the 49ers beat the Seahawks in a playoff game if they have to travel to Seattle?

BW: Really good question. Offense would have to be much, much tighter. Remember, the San Francisco defense did pretty well in that game. Well enough to help it win. Loss was on the offense.

Michael C. will California: It looks like the coaches have specifically told Kaepernick NOT to run. Surely other teams have noticed this as well. With that threat removed, it totally changes the dynamic of the 49ers' offense. Is this something Harbaugh will go back to -- similar to how they went away from the read option for a month before the playoffs last season -- or is this a fundamental shift in philosophy?

BW: I couldn't imagine they will take that dynamic away from Kaepernick. Game plans change week-to-week. I really expect to see him run often this week. Terrelle Pryor had 112 rushing yards against the Colts. It was duly noted.