Chat wrap: Vernon Davis talk

Here are some highlights from our San Francisco 49ers chat, which was held earlier Thursday:

Tony from Richmond, CA.: Does the Kaepernick mega deal pretty much guarantee that Davis will not be in camp without a new contract?

Bill Williamson: Not related. I'd be surprised if Davis gets a new deal, anyway.

Thomas from Washington State: Hello Bill, My question is twofold, could the 49ers trade Vernon Davis for a pair 3rd round picks like the Dolphins did for Brandon Marshall, and could Jonathan Martin be a viable replacement for Boone if he were cut/released? Thanks

BW: On Davis: I don't think we are close to being at that point.

On Martin: He'd have to show he can play guard at the NFL level before taking over as a starter.

Chris from Fresno: How is Davis' hold out looking to his teammates when he is already being paid like a top TE and he tends to disappear in games and drops easy passes like T.O. did?

BW: I don't think anyone will care until September rolls around and he's not there. But I'd be surprised if it got to that point.