Chat wrap: Talking receiver numbers

Here are some highlights from our San Francisco 49ers chat, held Thursday:

Jeff: Does V McDonald look significantly better than D Carrier?

Bill Williamson: Different types of players. McDonald is probably the more talented, complete player. Carrier can run, though. He is still a project.

DK from VA.: How is Chris Cook looking? We went to high school together by the way

BW: The 49ers like his size and how he's looked. He will get good coaching. I think he has a chance to be better with 49ers than he was with the Vikings.

Derick from Los Angeles: Bill, do you see Brandon Lloyd still making the roster with Stevie Johnson's addition? Would he be content with a #4 WR role?

BW: If he makes it will be as the No. 4. It could keep Kassim Osgood off the roster. In that case, it would be Boldin, Crabtree, Johnson, Lloyd, Patton and Ellington. Pretty beefy WR unit.