More on Vernon Davis' thoughts

The big news Vernon Davis made Monday while pinch hitting for Peter King in Sports Illustrated's MMQB was his thoughts on his contract. Davis also had some other interesting thoughts in the column.

Let’s take a look:

On NFC title-game loss in Seattle: "It was, and remains, a devastating finish. But I think it made (Michael) Crabtree and (Colin) Kaepernick stronger. Anytime you fall into a situation where stuff doesn’t go the way you expected, where you know you should’ve made a play but you didn’t, it makes you go correct it. With experience comes growth.

"It’s exhausting to make it two years in a row and not finish. I hope my younger teammates realize that you can’t take the opportunity for granted. Whenever you get to play in a Super Bowl or a championship game, you have to win because you might not ever get it again. The window of opportunity is as small as a pea. Teams start to break up, players get old. You just have to seize the moment.

"Going forward, we have to hold each other accountable and grow closer as a team. We have to love each other. We’ve got to develop better trust between the receivers and the QB. We need to lean on our coaches for knowledge and get every ounce that they have. If we can do that, we’ll get over the hump."

On Russell Wilson: "I think among the 31 NFL quarterbacks who don’t throw me passes, Russell Wilson is the best. He’s got all the tools; he has the ability to keep the play alive, and he’s very accurate with a strong arm. He exemplifies what it takes to be a winning QB in the NFL. If you asked me to choose based on record and experience, I’d take Tom Brady or Peyton Manning -- but in terms of right now, my pick is Wilson."

On Aldon Smith: "I think the only thing we can do for Aldon Smith is support him and have his back and be there for him when he needs to talk. We don’t live with him, and we don’t see him on a daily basis. He has to take control and focus on doing everything the right way. He has to want it. He has to take charge."

On being a 49er: "I think I’m grateful to have been drafted in San Francisco. There’s nothing better than these fans, the atmosphere and the weather. You enjoy life in San Francisco when you see what you’re surrounded by. I couldn’t have been drafted in a better place."

Davis wrote strongly about the offense and Smith. He fancies himself as a leader on this team. Leaders don’t miss mandatory minicamps. It will be interesting to see the approach Davis takes when it comes to playing football and not writing about it.