Alex Boone issue about to take next step

While Vernon Davis has been out front publicly with his thoughts about his contract, Alex Boone has been not.

But make no mistake: Boone is steadfast in his stance. He is not reporting to the 49ers Tuesday in time for the mandatory minicamp without a new contract, according to a source close to the situation. The odds of a contract happening in the next day are near impossible.

Thus, Boone is poised to become a holdout. The 49ers can start fining Boone once he starts missing mandatory sessions.

Once Boone misses minicamp, the landscape will change. It will be a strong indication he will be willing to stay away from training camp, which starts in five weeks. Once a player stays away from minicamp, that’s a sign that the player is willing to take his holdout into the regular season.

The 49ers have Super Bowl aspirations. They don’t need distractions like a holdout. It will be a daily media topic if Boone becomes an official holdout.

More important than avoiding a distraction, the 49ers need as many of their top players available as possible. Boone is a key player on the offensive line. With Anthony Davis recovering from a shoulder injury and Daniel Kilgore and Marcus Martin vying for the center job, the offensive line may have some rough spots in the summer. With Boone away, the 49ers will continue to go with Joe Looney in Boone’s spot. Looney is a solid young player, but he is not Boone.

Ultimately, what matters is if Boone is with the 49ers Week 1 at Dallas.