49ers may sign another running back

Because of injuries to Kendall Hunter (out for the season with a torn ACL) and LaMichael James (out a month with a dislcoated elbow), the 49ers need some running back help for the preseason.

They will likely put Hunter on the injured reserve soon and sign a running back. Perhaps Chris Rainey is a possibility. He was cut by the Colts on Monday in a conduct-related move. Rainey had previous off-field issues. Unless there are more injuries, the 49ers probably don’t need another running back for the regular season.

Don’t surprised if the 49ers sign a running back shortly to help with the work load in the training camp and in the preseason and put Hunter on the injured reserve .

This is James’ third elbow dislocation. He did it on his right arm (Sunday’s was his left) at Oregon in 2011. He told reporters then that he did “had the same exact” injury in high school. He didn’t miss much time after both of those injuries.