What we have learned about the 49ers so far

The San Francisco 49ers are about to start their fifth day of training camp. Let's look at three things that have become evident thus far in camp:

Hyde looks good and he needs to stay healthy: Second-round pick running back Carlos Hyde has looked very good in training camp as he did in the offseason sessions. Hyde is explosive and seems NFL ready. He should make an early impact. That is important because the 49ers are getting banged up at the position. Kendall Hunter tore his knee and is out for the year. LaMichael James dislocated his elbow and is out for a month. The 49ers can survive these injuries, but they can't absorb anything more at the spot.

Steve Johnson will help this team: The new receiver looks great. The 49ers traded for the veteran from the Buffalo Bills in May to give the offense more options. If four days of camp is any indication, it was a smooth move. Johnson is savvy veteran. Add him to a receiving crew with starters Anquan Boldin and Michael Crabtree -- who looks completely healthy after suffering a torn Achilles in May 2013 -- and Colin Kaepernick will have a lot of options.

Jimmie Ward impresses: The first-round pick has been flashing in training camp. The 49ers took Ward out of Northern Illinois to be the nickel cornerback because of his play-making abilities. He is constantly getting his hands on the ball during practice. He also looks to have the necessary confidence to succeed as an NFL cornerback.