Mailbag: Is Blaine Gabbert in trouble?

Tuesday mail call:

Andrew from Salt Lake City wants to know if I think Josh Johnson could be better backup quarterback option than Blaine Gabbert.

Bill Williamson: I still think Gabbert is going to be the backup to Colin Kaepernick. He is guaranteed $2 million this season. That’s a lot to eat for a backup. Yes, Gabbert looked lost in the first preseason game at Baltimore and he was not good in three seasons with Jacksonville. But unless he is totally awful in the rest of the preseason, I think we will see him on the 53-man roster.

Eric from Davis, California, wants to know if I think cornerback Perrish Cox can make the 53-man roster.

BW: I currently don’t have Cox on my projected 53-man roster, but that can change. He has had a nice camp and he has experience with the 49ers. But this is a stout roster and it’s going to be tough keeping more than five cornerbacks. They like youngsters Darryl Morris and Dontae Johnson. Fitting in Cox on the roster won’t be simple.

Derek from San Diego wants to know what I think about rookie linebacker Aaron Lynch so far.

BW: I really like this guy. The linebacker, who was a fifth-round pick, was hurt to start training camp. But he has looked good and he stood out at times during workouts with the Ravens during the weekend. Lynch is a massive, excellent prospect. I would not be shocked if he makes an impact as a rookie.