49ers had to be sure to get the right D.J. Jones from Ole Miss

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- If you've ever been part of a fantasy football draft where you secretly (or outwardly) hoped one of your opponents would accidentally draft the "other" Adrian Peterson, you probably can relate to what happened to the San Francisco 49ers and general manager John Lynch went through on Saturday afternoon.

With the 14th pick of the sixth round (No. 198 overall), the Niners planned to draft D.J. Jones from Ole Miss. So all they had to do was put that name on the card and turn it in, right? To borrow from ESPN college football analyst Lee Corso, not so fast, my friends.

"There’s two D.J. Joneses at Ole Miss," Lynch said. "We were very clear that we wanted the defensive tackle from Ole Miss, not the other guy. We got the right guy."

As Lynch was about to discuss the Jones the Niners drafted, coach Kyle Shanahan piped in.

"No offense," Shanahan said, smiling.

As it turns out, the "other" D.J. Jones went just six picks later to the New York Jets. Aside from their shared name, that D.J. Jones would never be mistaken for the newest member of the Niners. He also goes by Derrick and is a 6-foot-2, 189-pound cornerback. The Niners' version is a 6-1, 319-pound defensive tackle.

For the 49ers, D.J. Jones will be expected to come in and compete for a roster spot at nose tackle.

"He’s got -- no offense to the other guy, he’s a heck of a player, we just didn’t want him at that point," Lynch said. "We got the right D.J. Jones, and he’s a stout nose, who also has three technique versatility, but yet I think [is] really dynamic."