Offseason Blueprint: 49ers

In a wonderful Insider piece, ESPN examines the San Francisco 49ers’ entire offseason.

While the content is full of information, two areas stick out to me.

In the free-agency look, it is suggested the 49ers take a look at Chad Henne as the Colin Kaepernick's backup. Kaepernick’s 2013 backup, Colt McCoy, is a free agent and the team would like an upgrade.

But I’m not sure Henne would be it. They like McLeod Bethel-Thompson, who ended the season on the practice squad, and they could draft a quarterback in the mid-rounds because of their surplus of picks. Henne has shown he cannot sustain success when he plays. I think the 49ers may want to go younger at the spot.

I do agree with Matt Williamson’s assessment that receiver Quinton Patton is a player to watch in 2014. The fourth-round pick in 2013 really came on after coming back from a broken foot late in the season. Patton is a smart player who could become a big part of the offense. He’s already made some big plays.