Would Josh Freeman, Kenny Britt fit in?

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- There are two interesting players available via trade at the moment -- Tampa Bay quarterback Josh Freeman and Tennessee receiver Kenny Britt.

Could the San Francisco 49ers be a fit for either? The 49ers need a receiver and have looked at veteran backup quarterbacks in the past month, so it's not out of the question for San Francisco to have interest. Plus, the 49ers' brass has been aggressive in the trade market and the team has a big surplus of draft picks next year. So there are reasons to believe the 49ers would be open to dealing.

But do Freeman or Britt make sense for the 49ers? Let's take a look:

Freeman: The 49ers have recently considered quarterbacks Brady Quinn and John Skelton. Freeman is more skilled than either of those players, and he'd arguably be an upgrade over current backup Colt McCoy. But I'm not sure adding him would be worth it. There is no great need and the 49ers don't have a lot of salary-cap room, so adding Freeman could be tricky. There are things to like about this pairing, but I'm just not sure making it happen would be a priority.

Britt: The 49ers could use a receiver. They aren't getting much help beyond No. 1 receiver Anquan Boldin. However, Mario Manningham may be back within the month, and Michael Crabtree could return for the stretch run. So the 49ers may not feel the need to add a receiver. Along with Britt, Cleveland's Josh Gordon is reportedly also available. Sure, the 49ers could use one of those players now. But in the long run, I'm not sure it would be worth the money, investment and potential hassle considering both Britt and Gordon have had off-field issues. The 49ers are busy enough dealing with pass rusher Aldon Smith's troubles.