49ers have been attracted to QBs in draft

Earlier Tuesday, we looked at potential quarterbacks the San Francisco 49ers could draft this year.

We know this -- the 49ers aren't afraid of drafting a quarterback. They have drafted five quarterbacks in the past 10 drafts. It is tied for the third most in the NFL since 2004.

The 49ers drafted two starting quarterbacks in the past 10 years. The only remaining quarterback on the roster who was drafted by the team is Colin Kaepernick. He was taken in the second round in 2011. He replaced Alex Smith, the No. 1 overall pick in 2005. The 49ers traded him to Kansas City last year for two second-round picks.

The 49ers took fliers on third quarterbacks in the late rounds. They took Nate Davis in the fifth round in 2009 and they took B.J. Daniels (2013) and Cody Pickett (2004) in the seventh round. None of them stuck around.

The 49ers are in the market for a backup who could be taken in the mid-rounds.