Mailbag: Raiders' draft trade possible?

Weekend mail call:

Benny from San Mateo, Calif., wants to know how important was it for the 49ers to get a third-round compensatory pick.

Bill Williamson: The 49ers received the final of the third-round comp picks. It is the 100th overall pick and the last pick of the second day of the draft. The expectation was the 49ers would get a third or a fourth-round pick, so getting the third rounder is important. The comp pick can’t be traded, but it does allow the 49ers to be more flexible in dealing one or both of their two third-round picks, which are No. 77 and No. 94 overall. So, getting the extra pick was pretty big.

Michael from San Diego wants to know if the 49ers can acquire the No. 5 overall pick from the Raiders in order to snag Clemson receiver Sammy Watkins.

BW: It would take a big leap. Going form No. 30 to No. 5 would take a load. In 2011, it cost Atlanta a first, second and fourth-round picks in that draft and a first- and fourth-round picks in 2012 to go from No. 27 to No. 6 to take receiver Julio Jones in a deal with Cleveland. It may cost the 49ers the No. 30, No. 56, No. 61, No. 77 and No. 94 picks -- their first five picks. That is a major, major investment. But Watkins would be a beautiful fit for the 49ers, who don’t have a lot of other needs. Plus, the Raiders have a ton of needs and would likely be intrigued by getting a big cache of picks back. In the end, the 49ers would likely think the price is too steep, but if they fall in love with Watkins, you just never know.

George from San Jose wants to know how many of the 49ers’ 11 draft picks do I see making the 53-man roster.

BW: That’s another reason why the 49ers will likely consider bundling some picks. This is a loaded roster. I really don’t see more than five or six draft picks making the final roster, especially considering the 49ers are adding running back Marcus Lattimore and defensive lineman Tank Carradine. They were both injured during their rookie season.