Ready for a 2015 mock draft?

Did you miss seeing mock drafts?

I mean, it has almost been a week since the first round of the NFL draft. We had a feeling you had a hankering for some more mocking, so, without hesitation, in an Insider piece, we present Todd McShay’s very first mock draft for the first round of the 2015 draft. McShay’s mock, which he admits is way, way premature, is based on Football Outsiders’ Aaron Schatz’s 2015 record projections. He has the 49ers picking 25th.

McShay tabs TCU pass-rusher Devonte Fields. I don’t mind the pick. With Aldon Smith’s future up in the air, I could see the 49ers spending their first pick next year on a pass-rusher. Along with cornerback, pass-rusher is good enough of a position guess now as any.

What raises my eyebrows is Schatz having the 49ers going 9-7. Unless there are big injuries, I find that difficult to buy. The 49ers are 36-11-1 under Jim Harbaugh in the regular season. It’s not like this team has taken a nosedive in the offseason personnel wise.